Patch Notes

It became spooky in Taborea once again.
Enjoy the annual halloween festivals and minigames and earn great rewards!

The gift NPCs Tina, Eve, Evangeline, Angus, Leila Mandon and Sophia already made some early halloween fool to us.
They have moved away from the central plaza but thanks to our good abilities in reading traces we found them back.
We located them near the Hall of the Eye of Wisdom, next to the Mirrorworld Spot.

Also Salifus has been moved once again to free space for the halloween festivals.
You will find him on the right side of the way if you ride towards Aslan Valley.

Changes were made to Howling Mountains, Silversrping and Varanas, new colors and details have been spread all over those maps to make them look more attractive (feedback appreciated).

The Auction house changes that have been requested by you have finally taken place.
You will now be able to sell items for 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days and 7 Days, with maximum 50 of auctions, and filter up to 1000 items per search.

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