Patch Notes

Talent Point System Changes

  • Skills now require 10x less TP to level.
  • Player total TP will be 10x less than current total TP amount.
  • TP rates for quests and combat kills have been adjusted accordingly.
  • TP of player skills has been reset; requires you to redistribute into skills.
  • TP orbs in player backpack, mail, AH, guild storage have been replaced with orbs which are 10x smaller.



Minor Localization Fixes

  • ‌Item “Festival of Fire Voucher” description has been changed and corrected.
  • ‌Event NPC Hillary offers more options to exchange mementos for badges of the trial.

Fire Festival Event

  • ‌Discover the 8 brand new titles added to this event.

Bug Fixes

  • ‌Sascilla Steppes Minigame.
  • ‌Upon entering this minigame the buff “Hidden Master” will be canceled.
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