Patch Notes


  • Level 97 Planting Seeds have been added to the shop of Sam Paresh.
  • Minor Localization Fixes.
  • Bonepeak Quest “Hostages” can now be completed.
  • Bonepeak Quest “Eliminating the Commanders” can now be completed.
  • Bonepeak Quest “About the Omnisoul Sarcophagus” can now be completed.
  • The Title “Two for the Price of One” can now be obtained.


  • The Fire Festival has ended and the Flower Festival will start.
  • You may obtain 10 Aero Draconaris from the Flower Festival Reward Representative in exchange for 4 Flower Festival Attendance Certificates.
  • You can now exchange your Aquarius Pet and Aero Draconaris for the Tethys Draco.


  • Preparation for some new functions and the (soon) upcoming new instance and zone.
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