Patch Notes

New User Interface Graphic options

  • Hide Effects of Other Players \Hide Effects on Other Players
    This option allow you now additionally to hide all effects caused by your character on other players.
  • ‌Hide Self Effects
    This option allow you to hide all your character effects (self buffs, received buffs, received damage).
  • Hide Effects of Mobs \ Hide Effects on Mobs
    This option allow you to hide all effects caused on mobs by you or other players.

Scrutinizer for Raid

  • Players will be able to see up to 12 raid members (from 36 in raid) on scrutinizer.
  • New scrutnizer in Beta version can be downloaded here: Scrutinizer.

Other changes

  • Gender Change items has been implemented.
  • Housemaids Event has been deactivated.
  • Posion Powder – 200563 stack up to 999.
  • Quest “A Little Refreshment” require now to be in range of 20, and item have 3 seconds cast.
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