Patch Notes

Arcadia Coins

  • Arcadia Coins can now be exchanged to Ancient Mementos with Maica Pance.
  • Arcadia Coins can now be exchanged to new items/stats with Jimmy Crane.

Siege War items rules

From now items obtained on siege war:

  • will not disappear on zone change
  • ‌will not disappear on logout
  • ‌disappear after one hour
  • can not be placed in chest, sent via mail, auctioned, traded (except Siege War zone)

As final result, players who received a disconnect, crash or want to go back to zone do not lose their items anymore.

List of affected items:

  • Magic Vegetable Juice
  • Summon: Magic Flame Tower
  • Summon: Electric Tower
  • Summon: Holy Light Tree
  • Summon: Heart of Honor
  • Summon: Crystal Extraction Gem
  • Summon: Visual Illusion
  • Face of Treachery
  • Sea Washed Stone
  • Eye of True Knowledge
  • Bursting Beetle
  • Honor Ration
  • Insect Repellent Flower
  • Desertion Offer
  • Summon: Meteor Shower
  • Summon: Rain of Flaming Arrows
  • Summon: Thunder Bonecracker
  • Guild War Merit
  • Assault Time
  • Battle Time
  • Underestimation
  • Ballista Turret (Package)
  • Repeating Ballista Vehicle (Material Package)
  • Anti-Catapult Vehicle (Material Package)
  • Battering Ram (Material Package)
  • Iron Assault Vehicle (Material Package)
  • Fearless Lion Ram (Material Package)
  • Catapult Turret (Package)
  • Catapult (Material Package)
  • Dual Catapult Vehicle (Material Package)

Other Changes

  • New Items for Proof of Myth, Phirius Shells and Honor Points (including rate for clean item) has been added.
  • Provisions Courier’s Ostrich Mount can not be used on PvP zones.
  • Gold Rate has been changed from x3 to x1.


  • All monster cards should be visible now in Monster Compendium.
  • Housemaids should not play anymore on magical instruments.
  • Players will receive from now Shield Form while changing race to dwarf.
  • ‌Proof of Myth will drop now from Zalkenrys for characters over 101 level.
  • Proof of Myth will drop now from Resentful Hackman even if boss will be killed fast.
  • Eulogy of Wind skin will be working now correctly, and can be applied on two hand weapons.
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