Once upon a time in the lands of Taborea, long before Ayvenas gave up the world, there was a glamorous city.
Full of riches and treasures, this city was the center of all trades and alliances of Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and many more folks.
The people called this city Tikal, which is the old taborean word for magnificent.

One dark day evil troups attacked Tikal and occupied it completely.
Almost noone survived this battle and those who did, got arrested.

Only a few heroes could escape from the destroyed strongholds and took refuge in Lyk, the capital of the Dragonfang Ridge.
The king of Tikal – Pakal – used an old spellbook, an heirloom of his grandfather, and sealed the portal to Tikal, so that none of the evil creatures can ever pass the gate and come back out again, not knowing he left his daughter behind, so she got trapped and captured inside Tikal.

Thousands of years later, Wrakal, the brother of Pakal and leader of the invaders developed a key which shall be used to open the portal once again.
Now the evil passed the gates and came back to Taborea.
A portal, stabilized with a key of such power, may only be closed with the same key.

Will you help Pakal and his subjects to obtain this key and rescue the princess?

Tuesday, 1. March 2016 – Patch – Return of Pakal

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