Patch 9.0.0 Return of Pakal

Thousands of years ago, Pakal, the leader of the ancient civilization Tikal thrived in Taborea. His care for the people became a legend and his mystical arrival on Taborea has never been forgotten.

People worshiped him and thought he was one of those who came from heaven. Tikal led and built the prosperous civilization in a short time, until one day…
Pakal left Taborea with his magical construction and disappeared in the darkness of the night sky.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Santa arrives tonight to present you gifts under your tree. Fellows Arcadians, .PlayerNet Games wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Happy Halloween!

Some of our lovely players knocked on our door today and said “Trick or treat”…
So we gave them some candies to not being tricked.
We decided to give everyone some of our sweets so we all can celebrate this Hallow’s Eve together and peaceful.

Have a nice weekend!

Dalanis Nightmare

Some of you may have noticed it already, the new titles, the new set, yes – even a system message pointed it out.

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One Year of Arcadia

One year ago, a new world of Chronicles of Arcadia opened it’s door.
From all over the world, we have been visited by thousands of people.
Through our journey we transformed Taborea into Arcadia.
Today, we will celebrate our first Anniversary.

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Surprise! A new Zone!

Some new features will await you in game.
As already mentioned we will open a new dungeon (tomorrow)!

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The Wheel of Fortune

The magic spinning wheel rolls around Taborea. The Wheel of Fortune expands your limits to win exclusive rewards.

Grab 1 free spin per day or pay diamonds per spin. Visit the item shop and select the last tab to spin The Wheel of Fortune.

New Adventures

A new age is coming up.
Dark monsters and strong hunters will both take their toll in exciting and dramatic battles.
Fight hand in hand with your friends to defeat the dark shadows that envelop Dalanis.

Coming soon….

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Chapter VIIIChariot of Goddess

In times long ago, giant guardian golems were created by man, the guardians turned against them and destroyed much of the land.

Taboreans banded together in those desperate times and managed to overcome those terrible tyrants and turned the halls into lava flowing ruins.

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Arcanium Chamber

The ancient mages from Eye of Wisdom finaly succeded to open the gates of Arcanium Chamber.

Angry creatures which dropped by extraterrestrials are waiting for your arrival in their chambers

15x Experience Point Rate

We have increased our experience point rate to 15x. On each quest and combat you earn from, you will receive 15x more experience than standard.

A new challenge

Once again we go into a new stage!

On Tuesday, 21st April 2015 we will finally open the gates for the Veiled Crypt of Kashaylan!

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VIP Membership

We have implemented a VIP membership system for those who want to support us even more.

You can choose between a 7 day and 30 day membership (to test if you like it or not) or a full lifetime VIP membership, which means you will keep the privileges of a VIP membership forever.

Doesn’t that sound great? Take a closer look at it HERE.

Happy New Year!

Dear loyal Arcadia players, Happy New Year! and happy new year for all of you who still needs to count down!

May this year be the best for all of us and thank you so much for your trust in our community.

Hall Elements Instances

Hall elements instances are open: Hall of Fire, Hall of Water, Hall of Chaos and Hall of Earth.

Get your legendary items now! Grind your crystals and exchange these at Willy Wonker NPC inside Arcanium Chamber.

Please talk to Willy Wonker for more details and information about the rules. Enjoy your gameplay!