Patch Notes


  • The Fairytaile Festival has started – Once again you can gain great rewards and titles.
  • The Anniversary event has ended after one month.


  • Garden of Eden: The amount of monsters has been increased, which makes leveling your relationship faster.
  • Pet Crafting: The maximum level from 61 has been increased to 96. New tools are available at the vendors and in the item shop.
  • Mirrorworld frame: A new tooltip has been added, which shows you the respective Cenedril of an instance on mouseover.


  • A basic icon fix has been implemented. A lot of icons have not shown correctly when e.g. moving them in the backpack, this is now resolved.


  • 3 new Mirrorworld instances are available. You can get the following new Cenedril: Alis, Forensa, Shados.
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