Patch Notes


  • Level Cap raised to 104.
  • New Zone “Chamber of Elements” which will contain a total of 3 Instances in future.
  • New Paradise Custom Instance “Inferno of Divinity”
    • 5 bosses with epic items.
    • 2 new gear sets.
    • Plenty of new stats (yellow, red, pink).
  • Refining system for new armor
    • Refine materials can be looted inside Inferno of Divinity.
    • Materials can be used to upgrade purple “non-set” items.
    • The result is a red item with a pink stat.


  • NPC Jimmy Crane: Simple Goods have been upgraded and level 104 items are available for 750 Arcadia Coins.
  • Starter Package (Level 1) Contains now 5 Big Angel’s Sigh.
  • Warlock/Mage Lv 70 Elite “Silent Seal”: This skill has been completely replaced.
    New: “Soul Seal” When you cast [Soul Seal] on a friendly party member, it induces a frenzied state increasing your and the friendly targets damage by 30% for 5.0 seconds.

Extended Transport Book

  • Transport book slots have been extended from 49 to 95 (7 to 14 pages).
  • Every player can unlock Page 8 for free!
  • All unlocked pages will stay permanently.


  • Rogue/Warrior “Shadowstab” : A bug which caused this skill healing your target has been resolved.
  • A bug causing issues with the drop of Card – Forbidden Patrolman has been resolved.
  • A bug causing issues with the drop of Card – Crazed Papowaka has been resolved.
  • World boss Sismond now has the correct loot table.


Everyone can leave feedback about patch in our feedback thread: Patch – feedback

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