Patch Notes


  • Changed gear points for runes and tiers.
  • Implemented statted item for Heart of the Ocean (Hard) last boss.
  • Improved loading screen tips.
  • Fixed various interface issues.


  • Implemented /addons and /addons2 slash commands to copy addon list.
  • Added global array variable ADDON_LIST.
  • Added ADDON_LOADED ( arg1 = AddonName ) event.

Card System

New UI for comfortable use

  • The first way to open the monster card enhancement game window is in the compendium menu, using the special “Enhancement” button. (We recommend this option when improving cards directly from the book itself.)
  • The second way is to right-click on the special stones in the backpack. (We recommend this option when improving cards that are in your backpack.)
  • A limited number of gems are currently available for use in the new game window to improve monster cards: Possibility, Exception, Transmutation, Chance, Persistence, Breakthrough.
  • Implemented monster card rankings for their attributes.
  • New monster cards have been activated in Blood Gallery and Heart of the Ocean (Hard).

New Stone Types

Due to the new monster card improvement system, some old gems will be converted to new gems, to do this, right-click on them.

  • The name of the stones is abbreviated:
  • Nauthiz: Determination → Determination.
  • Inguz: Choice → Choice.
  • Othila: Fate → Fate.
  • Uruz: Fortune → Fortune.
  • Algiz: Augmentation → Augmentation.
  • Eihwaz: Seal → Seal.
  • Ansuz: Removing Seal → Removing Seal.
  • Sowelu: Keeper → Keeper.
  • Gebo: Shell → Shell.
  • Possibility: str, sta, int, wis, dex, hp, mp, patk, matk, pdef, mdef → Possibility.
  • Exception: str, sta, int, wis, dex, hp, mp, patk, matk, pdef, mdef → Exception.
  • Transmutation: str, sta, int, wis, dex, hp, mp, patk, matk, pdef, mdef → Transmutation.
  • Chance: str, sta, int, wis, dex, hp, mp, patk, matk, pdef, mdef → Chance.
  • Persistence: str, sta, int, wis, dex, hp, mp, patk, matk, pdef, mdef → Persistence.
  • Breakthrough: str, sta, int, wis, dex, hp, mp, patk, matk, pdef, mdef → Breakthrough.

The number of stones is reduced

  • x11 Possibility → x1 Possibility.
  • x11 Exception → x1 Exception.
  • x11 Transmutation → x1 Transmutation.
  • x11 Chance → x1 Chance.
  • x11 Persistence → x1 Persistence.
  • x11 Breakthrough → x1 Breakthrough.
  • The total number of stones is now reduced from 174 to 15.

NPC Asmial Store Changes

Paid (personal) store, new prices for currencies:
Tab Star Soul Stone:
Star Soul Stone: 50 → 25.
Gold: 125 000 → 50 000.
Gold (when diamonds are required): 62 500 → 25 000.

Tab Etheric Soul Stone:
Etheric Soul Stone: 50 → 40.
Gold: 500 000 → 250 000.
Gold (when diamonds are required): 250 000 → 125 000.

Tab Astral Soul Stone:
Astral Soul Stone: 100 → 60.
Gold: 1 000 000 → 500 000.
Gold (when diamonds are required): 500 000 → 250 000.

Tab Elemental Soul Stone:
Elemental Soul Stone: 25 → 10.
Gold: 2 000 000 → 1 000 000.
Gold (when diamonds are required): 1 000 000 → 500 000.

Paid (personal) store, new prices for 100% stones:
Star Soul Stone: 1k → 750.
Elemental Soul Stone: 25 → 3.

Paid (personal) store, 100% stones:
Etheric Soul Stone: Removed from the store.
Astral Soul Stone: Removed from the store.

Paid (personal) store, replacement stones:
The old stones have been removed from the store and replaced with new (updated) stones.

Paid (personal) store, search:
Removed search from all personal store tabs.

Paid (personal) store, updated new stones added for Star Soul Stone currency:

  • Breakthrough
  • Etheric Soul Stone:
  • Possibility
  • Exception
  • Elemental Soul Stone:
  • Transmutation
  • Persistence
  • Chance
  • Breakthrough

Paid (personal) store, price change to update limits:
Star Soul Stone: 50d → 25d
Etheric Soul Stone: 75d → 50d
Astral Soul Stone: 150d → 100d
Elemental Soul Stone: 200d → 150d

Paid (personal) store, changed free limits:
Etheric Soul Stone: 15 → 10.
Astral Soul Stone: 5 → 3.

Paid (personal) store, changed the price for each item when the free limit ends:
Etheric Soul Stone: Base markup 2d → 1d and every next 15 → 5 purchases +2d to base cost.
Astral Soul Stone: Base markup 8d → 6d and every next 3 → 2 purchases +5d to base cost.

Free Store:
All stones of any quality are available for purchase at any time.
Removed the daily timer.

Free store, changed base prices for items:
Item green rare:
Star Soul Stone: 100 → 90.
Gold: 250k → 125k

Item blue rare:
Etheric Soul Stone: 100 → 150.
Gold: 750k → 500k

Item purple rare:
Astral Soul Stone: 100 → 200.
Gold: 2kk → 1kk

Item orange item:
Gold: 4kk → 2kk

Monster Card Decks

  • The compendium menu now allows you to change up to 3 sets of monster cards. This feature will allow you to collect a collection of cards for different situations, for example, if you play different classes on the same character.

Principle Change on Value Improvement

  • Depending on the rarity of the stone, the chance of success when trying to get high numerical values when improving monster cards will depend on it. That is, the higher the quality of the stone used to improve the card, the higher the chance of getting high numerical values and vice versa.

Autumn Banquet Festival

  • 8 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 7 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Water Zodiac materials and Hydro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Hydro Draconaris from:

  • Fez William – exchange 15 x Autumn Banquet Vouchers for a reward.

Provision Collection

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Provisions Supervisor
Event Target: Collect food bags from the farms and deliver to the Bridge at Varanas

The Roast Ostrich Feast‌

‌Location: Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Obsidian Stronghold, Valley of Preparation
NPC: None
Event Target: Eat and enjoy festival food served on event tables, get buff and title.

‌Cinnamon Leaf

‌Location: Whole Taborea
NPC: Fez William
Event Target: Trade collected items for rewards from NPC.

Colorful Feather Prayer

‌Location: Dalanis City Gate
NPC: Lavanda Vitt
Event Target: Feed the Ostriches & pluck their feathers!

‌Ostrich Caravan

‌Location: Silverspring
NPC: Lorence Hollow
Known Issue: Ostrichs sometimes don’t spawn or despawn after event start

‌Lost Eggs

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: George Makov
Event Target: Trace and brought back lost ostrich eggs.

‌Errand (chain quests)

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Anoraf Laiken

‌Duck Out

‌Location: Outside The Kingdom of Lechif
NPC: Florent

‌Egg Thief

‌Location: Varanas Gates/Silverspring (Southwest Farm)
NPC: Chamo/Kardly Auck
Event Target: Collect and exchange items in order to earn a reward.

‌Ostrich Code

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Ostrich Caretaker
Event Target: Find the correct order of emotes to communicate with Ostriches.

Patch Notes


  • Changed cenedrils to disappear when the owner change their class combination.

Card System

  • Fixed a tooltip issue which is causing a crash.
  • Added all attributes ranking.
  • Fixed various issues.



  • Changed Dark Soul Smelt to recover up to 3 focus per hit additionally.
  • Changed Soul Agility -> Focal Advantage to be a permanent buff, to provide up to 24% physical attack depending on amount of focus you have. (4% for every 25 focus)


  • Reduced Frenzy cooldown to 3 minutes from 5, reduced attack speed gain to 8% from 16%, increased duration to 30 seconds from 25.
  • Changed Crescent Moon Cleave set skill to have 4% damage reduction for each extra target.



  • Increased Illumination cooldown to 10 seconds from 8, reduced damage to 2980 from 3240.
  • Reduced Messenger of Light magical damage and light damage gains to 15% from 16%.


  • Changed Sandstorm to lose 3% damage for each extra target instead of 8%.


  • Reduced Toxic Arrow maximum Fatal Toxin stack to 2 from 3, increased base critical hit chance to 10% from 0.
  • Increased Nature’s Poison damage gain per Fatal Toxin to 60% from 36%, increased base critical hit chance to 10% from 0.



  • Changed Battle Instinct to increase physical attack by 11.4%, increased critical damage gain to 34.2% from 32.3%, fixed it was providing insignificant amount of dexterity.


  • Changed Snipe to be instant at maximum requested stacks of Fatal Shots.
  • Increased Bloody Shot attack gain to 20.7% from 10.4%.


  • Increased Entling Offering Exhaustion maximum stack to 30 from 15.

Planned Change Log

Following list will include possible changes that may be appear along with upcoming patch. Please consider that this list doesn’t represent the actual patch content and might be different when patch is released.

Modified changes will be highlighted with yellow color, declined changes will be highlighted as strikethrough, changes that might be delayed to another patch with considerably high chance will be highlighted with purple color.

Consider that not all changes are guaranteed to be applied with next patch even if they aren’t highlighted with purple color. Some changes might still stay in Planned Change Log even after a patch gets implemented.