Patch Notes

Housing Rework

We present external houses! Choose one of style, ground, sky, music and fill it with dozens of new furnitures and decorations.


  • Added new house frame.
  • Added around 2400 new furnitures.
  • Increased maximum furnitures slots to 1000.
  • Added 3 external house styles with different size of useable area.
  • Added options to customize external houses – ground, sky and music.

Other changes

  • A lot of small improvements.
  • Added possibility to lay on beds.
  • Reworked furniture item tooltips.
  • Added possibility to scale furnitures.
  • Enabled mount riding in external houses.
  • Enabled names over house servants heads.
  • Adjusted house name change energy price.
  • Added more house entrance control settings.
  • Added house servants tooltips and hyperlinks.
  • Categorized all furnitures by 3 level categories.
  • Adjusted exp and tp bonuses of some furnitures.
  • Increased maximum plant count reachable bonus.
  • Increased maximum house name to 32 characters.
  • Enable bank access at main house maid for guests.
  • Restored need of placing furniture to gain bonuses.
  • Added world map and minimap for external houses.
  • Added possibility to set custom label for all furnitures.
  • Added possibility to set custom title name for house maids.
  • Added warning when trying to insert non-furniture iteme to Depot.
  • Moved house furnitures and contracts from Item Shop to new frame.
  • Increased by two times maximum zoom out for external house styles.
  • Added learning speed furniture bonus that is affecting encyclopedias.
  • Increased Maximum Plant Count achievable with furniture bonus to 30.
  • Added storage slots and contained music information to furniture tooltips.
  • Fixed house friends were not seeing storage furniture icon when they had access to it.
  • Fixed house furniture bonuses were providing crafting speed unintentionally for guests.

Known issues

  • Players list is not refreshing until adding or removing someone from list.
  • Servants are not showed as unsummoned when changing house style.
  • You can not walk between bought styles temporary.
  • Label and title names are not supporting spaces.
  • Open Type “All” is not including regular friends.
  • Some existing furnitures scale is wrong.

Further plans

System is meant to be developed further along time with some of such elements:

  • Removing need or repay energy once payment for space size when running out of energy.
  • Servants 7-12, based on house styles, non-humanoidal, different storage and/or bonuses.
  • Buildings system (similar to Guild buildings) with different benefits.
  • Possibly option for having multiple external styles active at once.
  • 6 other external styles (added by 1 once per few months).
  • Option for auto stacking items with right click from bag.
  • Wheel of Furniture (similar to Wheel of Fortune).
  • Increasing EXP and TP maximum bonus to 2000.
  • Option for viewing all storage items at once.
  • Better house furnitures manipulations.
  • Option to change height of furnitures.
  • 2 new craftings related to buildings.
  • More interactions with furnitures.
  • Option to auto anchor furnitures.
  • Option to lock furnitures moving.
  • Sky/Weather selectable cycles.
  • Cleaning actions for servants.
  • More social interactions.
  • Planting improvements.
  • Music sample preview.
  • Music playlists.
  • Gift option.


  • Changed human crouch animation.

Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Hard Mode)

  • Fixed artefact runes were bound.
  • Fixed artefact runes couldn’t be extracted.
  • Fixed some quest requirements weren’t being shown in quest book during the new quest line.


  • Added Houses_BuyType(guid).
  • Added event HOUSES_STYLE_BUY.
  • Added Array = Houses_GetData().
  • Added Houses_GetOnlinePlayers().
  • Added Houses_FurnishingScaleUp().
  • Added Houses_KickPlayer(int index).
  • Added Houses_FurnishingScaleDown().
  • Changed Houses_SetCurrentType(guid).
  • Added Houses_ChangeOpenType(int 1-4).
  • Added Houses_GetChangeCommonLabelCost().
  • Added Houses_BuyHouseItem(int OrgObjID).
  • Added Houses_GetChangeServantLabelCost().
  • Added Houses_GetChangeStorageLabelCost().
  • Added <Frame>:SetMinBounds(int X, int Y).
  • Added <Frame>:SetMaxBounds(int X, int Y).
  • Added Count = Houses_GetOptionsInfoCount().
  • Added ..., IsShow = Houses_GetServantInfo().
  • Added Houses_BuyHouseOption(int category, int index).
  • Renamed function Houses_AddFriend -> Houses_AddPlayer.
  • Renamed function Houses_DelFriend -> Houses_DelPlayer.
  • Renamed function Houses_GetFriendInfo -> Houses_GetPlayerInfo.
  • Renamed function Houses_GetFriendCount -> Houses_GetFriendCount.
  • Renamed event HOUSES_FRIEND_CHANGED to HOUSES_PLAYER_CHANGED. Added arg1 Type (0-2).
  • Added Name, Icon, Obtained, PriceType, Price = Houses_GetOptionsInfo(int category, int index).
  • Added ..., LearningHQPoint, Open Type, Gold, HouseRuby, HouseStone, HouseRune, Ore, Wood, Herb, Crystal, Gem, Geode, Stone = Houses_GetHouseInfo().
  • Added Count = Houses_GetBuildingCount() and OrgObjID, Type, Level, Gold, HouseRuby, HouseStone, HouseRune, Ore, Wood, Herb, Crystal, Gem, Geode, Stone, RequiredType1, RequiredLevel1, RequiredType2, RequiredLevel2, RequiredType3, RequiredLevel3, Charge = Houses_GetBuilding(index).

Patch Notes

Housing Rework

  • Halved furniture scaling speed.
  • Added open storage button to UI.
  • Added return to housemaid button.
  • Fixed some general map and UI issues.
  • Fixed some items were in wrong categories.
  • Added confirmation before buying house style.
  • Removed click distance limit for storage furnitures.
  • Added click cursor for objects while in Furniture tab.
  • Fixed UI was sometimes broken when visiting guests.
  • Fixed some storage items were missing storage bonus.
  • Decreased house daily energy cost for slots 200-1000.
  • Improved filled storage furniture removal warning message.
  • Fixed furnishing placement mode was not disabled after closing UI.
  • Disabled confirm button when Open Type slider value was not changed.
  • Added furniture selection in UI when clicking object in furnishing mode.


  • Fixed pets weren’t losing Loyalty and Nourishment inside custom instances.

Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Hard Mode)

  • Fixed cards weren’t dropping from mobs inside.
  • Increased speed that players obtain Insulation Barrier during Icebound Guardian.



  • Fixed “Heavenly Arrows” to apply Threaten and no longer take your life and MP whenever an enemy is hit when Blood Arrow is not active.
  • Reduced “Blood Arrow” Mana cost to 1% from 2% per tick.


  • Changed “Holy Light Domain” to no longer grant additional magical attack rating or defenses. No longer applies Threaten.


  • Changed “Briar Shield” to be triggered with all hits instead.
  • Removed “Entangle” energy cost.


  • Changed “Double Chop” Aggro multiplier to x2 from x5.
  • Changed “Beast Chop” Aggro multiplier to x2 from x5.
  • Changed “Feral Leader” Aggro reduction for allies to 10% from 50%.
  • Increased “Coat of Arms” connection range to 400 from 300.


  • Fixed “Damage Transfer” keeping you in combat unintentionally, additionally decreased Movement Speed loss to 5% from 10%.



  • Changed “Spirit of Embodiment” to do not cooldown instead of having 300 seconds, added a mana recovery to successful heals, reduced healing done in tooltip numerically by about 60%.
  • Reduced “Psychic Arrows” cast time to 1 second from 3.


  • Reduced “Holy Tune” cooldown to 10 seconds from 20.



  • Changed “Rune Vitality Mechanism” to have 8 seconds cooldown and duration from 16, fixed that it was providing 4% Heal instead of 2% Heal and 2% Mana, increased its range to 200 from 150.
  • Changed “Augmentation Mechanism” to have 8 seconds cooldown and duration from 16, increased its range to 200 from 150.



  • Reduced “Detection” Aggro gain to 25% from 100%.



  • Reduced “Shadow of the Baron” Aggro gain to 40% from 75%.

Patch Notes

Housing Rework

  • Fixed base scale of furnitures.
  • Fixed Furnitures tab crash when reverse sorting.
  • Removed wrong storage slots info from hangers.
  • Fixed storage furnitures category for UI storage access.
  • Added possibility to stop furnishing mode by clicking current mode button again.

Monster Cards

  • Fixed cards from Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Hard Mode) weren’t possible to be disenchanted.
  • Fixed cards kill and disenchant amounts were not refreshed while altering different cards with closed UI and was preventing current zone filter from being updated.



  • Fixed Spirit Embodiment was entering cooldown state if it is cancelled in certain circumstances.


  • Added <Button>:IsLockPushed().
  • Added Houses_FurnishingStop().
  • Added <Button>:IsLockHighlight().

Patch Notes

Housing Rework

  • Improved readability of UI list.
  • Disabled cursor for non-functional furnitures.
  • Corrected categories of some furniture items.
  • Added tooltip for currency icon with it’s name.
  • Added list scroll when clicking furniture object in furnishing mode.
  • Added possibility to use spaces in furniture labels and housemaids title names.
  • Fixed furnishing mode was not enabled when reopening UI closed on Furniture tab.


  • Fixed unit tooltip on offline raid members.
  • Changed laser colors on last boss of Dark Core.
  • Fixed some elixirs were overridden by unrelated buffs.
  • Fixed some Fear effects weren’t possible to be removed by Fear Immunity.
  • Fixed crafting was locking more source item stacks than needed, causing lags.

Monster Cards

  • Fixed that new system cards were possible to gain kills in old system instance modes.

Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Hard Mode)

  • Fixed that barrier was getting stuck sometimes after Crasset Hairyfoot.


  • Added afk prevention to Siege War.
  • Added extra timeslot to Atlas Rush event at 03:00.
  • Fixed that score frame was showing wrong information when you were on the blue team.


  • Added <FontString>:SetSpacing( float spacing ).
  • Added <FontString>:GetSpacing() => float spacing.
  • Added <FontString>:SetFontName( string FontFile ).
  • Added <FontString>:SetJustifyVType( string Key {"TOP", "MIDDLE", "BOTTOM"} ).
  • Added <FontString>:SetFontWeight( string FontWeight {"THIN", "NORMAL", "BOLD"} ).
  • Added <FontString>:SetFontOutline( string FontOutline {"NONE", "NORMAL", "THICK"} ).

Planned Change Log

Following list will include possible changes that may be appear along with upcoming patch. Please consider that this list doesn’t represent the actual patch content and might be different when patch is released.

Modified changes will be highlighted with yellow color, declined changes will be highlighted as strikethrough, changes that might be delayed to another patch with considerably high chance will be highlighted with purple color.

Consider that not all changes are guaranteed to be applied with next patch even if they aren’t highlighted with purple color. Some changes might still stay in Planned Change Log even after a patch gets implemented.

Newcomers Rework

  • Changed server EXP rates to x7 from x10.
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